How to Facilitate Every Room Without Burnout!

Rethink Facilitation: A master course for professionals, educators, and leaders designed to transform boring meetings into seamlessly transformative experiences.

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STOP running (or participating in) unproductive, boring, and needless meetings.

START creating seamless, inclusive, and engaging online meetings that get results.

ūüí° Introducing Rethink Facilitation course, a totally new way to facilitate meetings, create safe spaces, and manage time and energy so you don‚Äôt burn out or bore your audience!

I believe a great facilitator does more than set an agenda:

This online program will work for you:

And yes, this is for you, especially if you want to stop feeling overwhelmed and suffering¬†from Zoom fatigue, unproductive meetings, and back to back meetings where you are left wondering ‚ÄúWhy am I here?‚ÄĚ

You too can learn how to do this by rethinking facilitation at the Rethink Facilitation course.
I will teach you how.

Take a moment to picture this:

Your calendar is packed. You have a lot of important meetings, conversations, and communities to care for. Yet, you are full of energy and excitement because you know every meeting you walk into whether you are the facilitator or participant will be:

How exciting would it be to spend more time in meaningful moments like these? Not just once in a while, but every single day!

Like you, I care about results and delivering long term impact for my clients including Google, Facebook, Dell, NBCUniversal, Johns Hopkins University, Asia Foundation, and PepsiCo. I want to spend my time in meaningful conversations, delivering results, and creating spaces where we can be fully present and engaged. That, as I have learned over the years, takes practice and a lot of self-awareness.

The key is to rethink how you facilitate.

I want to share this secret sauce with you.
Are you in?

Hi! I‚Äôm Monica H. Kang. ūüĎč

I love getting fast results.

But to get the BEST results, I’ve found intentional practice and patience is key. So to learn how to facilitate meaningful and safe spaces for diverse audiences, I practiced, iterated, and honed my craft.

This is how at InnovatorsBox, I traveled globally to provide hundreds of in-person workshops, speaking engagements, and meeting/event/training facilitation for over 8,000 individuals in 20 countries over five years.

My favorite moments are when the audiences share how their experiences with me were the most interactive, fun, productive, and memorable they have participated in! I love meaningful experiences so I love to create them for others!

Then COVID-19 arrived. ūüėÖ

Initially, like you, I was not sure how I could bring my in-person interactive experiences online.

As I sat in front of a static screen, I was not sure if my participants were engaged or looking at their emails. How can you empower executives when they are in back-to-back calls? 

I deleted all the video clips I’d recorded of me talking about myself. But I knew how important intentional practice was. Our virtual workplace is here to stay and I know how much we‚Äôre all craving to deeply connect as we spend more time online.¬†

So I iterated and practiced. 

I turned from an online-fear zombie to an online-safe space maker.

In six months, I facilitated over 100 workshops, community gatherings, team meetings, global meetups, conferences, strategy meetings, 1:1 executive coaching sessions, and facilitation trainings. Some weeks I facilitated 20-30 hours of meetings for over 150 individuals. The participants left saying my meetings were their favorite rooms to be in because they felt appreciated, engaged, and productive. They said I made 90 minutes feel like 10! Many said they¬†were the best meetings, workshops, and events they ever attended, even pre-COVID19. I was humbled. The results were a direct result of all the hard work I’d put in, and my¬†intention of what I was hoping to create.

I’m so¬†glad¬†my work¬†really resonated with those I serve.

So as I continue to run sessions with 5 to 150+ people, many asked if I’d offer training to help them learn how they, too, can facilitate in a way avoids boredom, decreased productivity, and Zoom fatigue. I love it when participants express how the experiences I create are the most fun and productive they’ve had.

This is why I created this online course for you.

¬†I want to empower you with the skills and tools that I’ve honed so that you can thrive at creating meaningful gatherings.¬†

 (Whether online or offline.)

ūüĎÄ Who is this course for?

We designed it for:

Professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, students, educators, advocates, and nonprofit leaders who want to learn how to:

  • Run better meetings, drive better outcomes, and navigate difficult conversations
  • Reframe thinking and verbal and non-verbal communication as a way to be more inclusive
  • Rethink planning to make preparation easier and fun, and
  • Make experiences as a participant more engaging.

This course is NOT for you if you are:

  • Looking for a quick solution,
  • Wanting to skip the hard work to master the skills,
  • Not ready to be vulnerable and reflect on your core strengths and weaknesses, and
  • Not sure why you want to hone your facilitation skills

This course IS FOR YOU if you are:

  • Ready to let go of unproductive meeting cycles,
  • Looking forward to putting in the hard work to practice and master the skills,
  • Comfortable being vulnerable and expressing your thoughts and diving¬†deeper, and
  • Have clarity as to why you want to improve your facilitation skills and how you plan on using them in transforming your work and personal life.

What will I learn?

Great question! We have options customized for the way you learn best:

Take the INTRO if you want to...

  • Understand the fundamentals,
  • Get results and have just an hour to spend, and
  • Learn but are not sure how frequently you may use facilitation so¬†this is the best starting point.

Take the MASTERCLASS if you want to...

  • Master rethinking facilitation because you facilitate regularly at work (and life), and
  • Love self-paced video learning and can hold yourself accountable.

Take the PLUS if you want to...

  • Learn beyond the on-demand videos and practice your craft through live sessions with us and accountability partners, and
  • Work with me, Monica Kang and my team at InnovatorsBox!

Yes, you will have immediate life-time access to all of these content, videos and exercises. All insights I learned after doing 100s of facilitation and speaking over the years.


How cool is that. 


1. Welcome! Why Is it Critical to Rethink Facilitation?

  • Welcome! Setting Your Intentions
  • Your Journey: Goals and Roadmap


2. Intro. to Rethinking Facilitation

  • You will have access to this whole module when you take the MasterClass.


3. Module 1: How to Create a Facilitation Journey

  • Why Great Meetings Feel Different
  • Why Create a Journey?
  • Why Knowing These¬†Two Will Help You
  • Preparation Impacts How You Show Up
  • Language Matters¬†| How to Speak with Sincerity
  • Intentional Practice
  • Reflection Activity & Quiz


4. Module 2 | How to Facilitate Difficult Conversations

  • Why Some Conversations Are Difficult
  • Empathy: How Can We Better Incorporate This Skill?
  • How Self-Awareness Helps your Power of Observation
  • Power of Optimal Experience
  • Language Matters | How to Actively Listen
  • Intentional Practice and Resources
  • Reflection Activity & Quiz


5. Module 3| How to Optimize Preparation & Operations

  • How Can I Make Facilitation Less Overwhelming?
  • How to do More with Less
  • Proven Ways to Help You Reduce Steps
  • The Secret to Transforming Fear into Energy
  • How Master Facilitators Position Themselves Operationally. And How You Can Too.
  • Intentional Practice and Resources
  • Reflection Activity & Quiz


6. Module 4 | How to Create Safe Online Spaces

  • Why Do Some Online Spaces Feel Safer?
  • How Will They Know Your Space is Safe?
  • Take this Extra Step
  • Balancing Two Voices
  • Rethinking Inclusion
  • Reflection Activity & Quiz


7. Module 5 | How You Intentionally Prepare

  • How to Walk the Talk Intentionally
  • The Art of Making Facilitation Your Own
  • Closing Thoughts & New Adventures
  • Final Reflection & Quiz

And you’ll get even¬†other bonus. See more information below.¬†

P.S. This is great for your¬†professional development. Ask your company to cover your training cost. You’ll bring back so much productivity back to work.¬†

PP.S. Yes, we offer scholarships. And yes, you can be a sponsor to provide scholarships for communities in need. Learn more at

98% NPS Satisfaction

Why 100+ past participants said the course was invaluable and effective. And why will you too:

Stopped Being Frustrated

"I signed up for Rethink Facilitation PLUS because of frustration with endless corporate meetings and lack of direction. Monica did a wonderful job weaving course material with students' individual experiences. She focuses on journey mapping and helps participants uncover their strengths and weakness to better hone their facilitation skills. What I also enjoy is the co-creating experience with others during the course and at the breakout sessions. I highly recommend this class to anyone who desires to create meaningful communications experience and effective meetings."

- Past Participant

Extremely insightful and Engaging (Even Online!)

"Monica is extremely insightful and engaging and models how an excellent facilitator should be, being prepared yet flexible, and enthusiastic and energetic. I learned actionable and helpful concepts that will benefit the way I facilitate. I highly recommend taking Monica's Rethink Facilitation course!"

- Past Participant

Learned How to be a Rockstar

"Honestly, this Masterclass came when I needed it the most! I have been hosting a series of events called #brunchandselfcare, where I facilitate intimate and vulnerable conversations on everyday topics with a lens of self-care practice. This masterclass has been essential for me to learn how to create a great journey for the participants. Through this learning process, I've been receiving glowing feedback from the participants. Monica is such a rockstar in facilitation, so I am thankful to learn from her."

- Past Participant

Even INTRO Saved Me

" The INTRO session really helped me understand facilitation through a framework. Before this, I was aware of everything I was doing and the little pieces here and there, but having this framework to situate all those moving pieces was helpful!"

- Past Participant

Super Insightful

"Super useful for being more thoughtful about online meetings and virtual events."

- Past Participant

Enlightening Framework

"In just one hour, I was so engaged and excited by the idea of a whole new "facilitation" framework that brings more spark, creativity, and engagement to "meetings" that too often feel uninspired, stalled, or repetitive."

- Past Participant

Rethink Power

"The Rethink Facilitation MasterClass helped me "rethink" how I conduct meetings, workshops, etc. and made me reflect on my own strengths and weaknesses to be a better facilitator."

- Past Participant

Action + Theory = Magic like results!

"I enjoyed that it focused on both actionable and theoretical components of facilitating and allowed us as participants to adapt it to best fit our facilitation style to become better facilitators."

- Past Participant

Refreshing in Everyway

"Very refreshing conversation. Great reminder to remember the "people" factor of meetings. There is so much more than tactical habits that can drive results, collaboration, and impact."

- Past Participant

Fulfilled Meaningfulness

"The workshop has made me rethink the way we do facilitation. I really love how Monica has explained that the facilitator is a conductor or producer in the meeting, to make sure that the intention is fulfilled but also doing it in a meaningful way. I am so looking forward to the MasterClass!"

- Past Participant

Empowered and Gained Confidence

"For a while now I have been questioning my facilitation skill. I knew for sure it wasn’t great so when I saw the opportunity I felt it would be worth exploring. I received a Scholarship Discount to attend the facilitation session and I must say I learned a lot and feel empowered and intentional about improving my facilitation skills and style. I feel more confident about facilitation and can't wait to put it to practice."

- Past Participant


For fast solution seekers
$ 39
  • Lifetime access to the 60-min. INTRO video on the fundamentals of rethinking facilitation
  • Earn a certificate upon completion of all assessments
  • Receive our How to Lead Inclusive Brainstorming downloadable worksheet
  • Access the Rethink Facilitation Community Facebook Group


For diligent masterminds
$ 199
  • Everything in The INTRO plus‚Ķ
  • Lifetime access to 5 MasterClass videos on how to master rethinking facilitation, time, and energy with interactive activities and assessments ($250 value)
  • Downloadable summary worksheets


For interactive mastery learners
$ 799
  • Everything in MasterClass plus‚Ķ
  • Four 60 minute live workshops with Monica Kang and InnovatorsBox facilitators ($800+ value)
  • One 1:1 30 min live coaching session with InnovatorsBox facilitator
  • Be matched with another facilitator in the course as an Accountability Partner to practice and make online learning fun

More reasons to join us now, not tomorrow:

1. You will laugh, pause, and get results:

This is not your typical facilitation course. We are not going to talk about how to put an agenda together. You can easily Google that. To help you master your craft I designed the content to challenge the way you think, feel, and work by focusing on helping you build a new framework. Learning how to change the way you think is not an overnight process but when learning is fun, thoughtful, and implementable then it becomes enjoyable. And like you, I care about getting results.

2. We're gonna work online for a while:

Dr. Anthony Faucci said on MSNBC that its unlikely life in the U.S. will go back to normal for the unforeseeable future due to the coronavirus. That’s probably true for most of us around the world. Mastering rethink facilitation will not just make your work life easier but also all your engagements. I personally use a lot of these frameworks in my life to create space to think, pause, and deeply connect with others.

Group rates are available for organizations investing in professional development. Scholarships are available for nonprofit, community leaders, and students. Please reach out:

You got questions? We got answers.


Yes, absolutely. Reach out to us at at  to get group bundle discounts for your organization.

Yes, we love you! We’d love to make this more widely available and with your generous sponsorship, we’ll be able to serve more communities in need during¬†this time. Please reach out to us at¬†¬†to get the conversation started around¬†how you’d like to sponsor. Thank you for your consideration!

We’re excited to have you too!¬†

Future cohort programs will be available upon signing up.

If you don’t find a time that works, indicate it when you sign up and we’ll inform you of future session dates to find the best match for you.

We recommend you complete Module 2 before the first live session and Module 4 until the second live session.

I too can’t wait to share them with you too!¬†

To help you build creative resilience, I will be offering more online courses and interactive programs for you.¬†Fill out this form¬†and we’ll make sure you are the first to know when new programs are out. I also created several¬†Creative Resilience resources to help¬†you navigate COVID-19.¬†They are FREE! Click here.