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Welcome to The PLUS! 🎉

I am so excited you are here. We’re going to have so much fun learning and growing together. To help you on your journey to master the art of facilitation, as The PLUS member you have access too:

    • Intro. to Rethinking Facilitation in your digital library

    • The MasterClass in your digital library,

    • Two 60 min LIVE Workshops with me and/or InnovatorsBox’s facilitators, and

    • Accountability Partner

And so much more.

To make this journey more intentional you will see me:

    • encouraging you to re-discover yourself and your strengths,

    • challenging you to step out of your comfort zone, and

    • trusting that you’ll manifest the result you want to see by putting in the hard work and intention you stated when you start this program.

I often keep these three phrases in mind to help me stay grounded:

    • We become what we consume.

    • We become what we believe in.

    • Intention matters.

You are here for a reason. Whatever that is, I know  being here will help you upgrade, improve, and support where you want to go. 

Awesome. I’m Ready.

What Should I Keep in Mind?! 🙂

We can’t wait to work with you too. A few reminders.

1. Before Your Live Workshops

Please complete the following content so that you will be ready. I will cover more  in the “In Preparation for Your Live Sessions” post. In the meantime, I hope this helps you plan  time for this learning and which Workshop Dates will work best for you.

Before Your First Live Workshop

    • Intro. to Rethinking Facilitation

    • Module 1 and Module 2 from the MasterClass

    • Join and participate in our Facilitation Facebook Group

    • Connect with your Accountability Partner

Before Your Second Live Workshop

    • Module 3 and Module 4 from the MasterClass.

    • Connect with your Accountability Partner

    • Join and participate in our Facilitation Facebook Group

After Your Live Workshops

    • Complete Module 5 to earn certification

    • Connect with your Accountability Partner

    • Continue to participate in our Facilitation Facebook Group

2. How To Sign Up For Live Sessions

Use the link below to find the Cohort and Facilitator you want to work with. In addition to me, we have fantastic InnovatorsBox’s Facilitators who will be working with you. Learn more about the other facilitators at the “Meet Your Facilitators” post. I encourage you to sign up for your Live Sessions within the first 7-10 days you start this course so that you intentionally make time for the journey and learning goals. 

Can’t find a time that works for you?

Not sure when is a good time you can do it?

Other questions?

Ask me and my team at

3. How To Meet Your Accountability Partner

Once you sign up for a Cohort, we will identify another person in your Cohort and make an introduction so you can connect. We encourage you to set the time to connect over email, phone, and/or video and set weekly goals to make your learning intentional. 

Each Module has a set of reflection questions at the end. Your mission each week is to share with your partners:

    • What you learned in the process,

    • What you’ve done with those challenges, and

    • What new questions and support you need.

It’s important that you set the time to do weekly check-in, actively listen, share resources, and be present for one another. Most likely, there will be a lot you’ll learn from one another due to your diverse backgrounds as well as the opportunity to hold yourself accountable in the learning process. Plus it’s just nice to know another person behind the screen, right?!

I cover more suggestions and guidelines in the next “Your Journey with InnovatorsBox and with Your Accountability Partner” post so click next to learn more.

That’s it for now.

I hope you are glowing with joy as I am.

Congratulations on taking the intention to master Rethink Facilitation.

If you have any other questions that were not answered here, please reach out to me and my team at at any time. See you very soon!


Monica H. Kang

ACTION: We’d love to hear your intentions for the PLUS. What are you hoping to learn and why is that important for you? Share below.
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  • Last Update October 3, 2023

Course content

  • Rethink Facilitation PLUS
    • Your Journey with InnovatorsBox and with Your Accountability Partner

    • Meet Your Facilitators

    • More Resources and Ways to Mastery

    • Final Thoughts & Reflection