😏 Farewell Unproductive Meetings, I will not miss you.

Cause, I'm a master of rethink facilitation!

Rethink Facilitation is a facilitation master course for professionals, educators, and leaders to transform every boring meeting into a seamlessly transformative experience.

By Monica H. Kang, InnovatorsBox

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Facilitate Every Room
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For fast solution seekers
$ 39
  • Lifetime access to the 60-min. INTRO video on the fundamentals of rethinking facilitation
  • Earn a certificate upon completion of all assessments
  • Receive our How to Lead Inclusive Brainstorming downloadable worksheet
  • Access the Rethink Facilitation Community Facebook Group


For diligent masterminds
$ 199
  • Everything in The INTRO plus…
  • Lifetime access to 5 MasterClass videos on how to master rethinking facilitation, time, and energy with interactive activities and assessments ($250 value)
  • Downloadable summary worksheets


For interactive mastery learners
$ 799
  • Everything in MasterClass plus…
  • Four 60 minute live workshops with Monica Kang and InnovatorsBox facilitators ($800+ value)
  • One 1:1 30 min live coaching session with InnovatorsBox facilitator
  • Be matched with another facilitator in the course as an Accountability Partner to practice and make online learning fun

98% NPS Satisfaction

Why 100+ past participants said the course was invaluable and effective. And why will you too:

Stopped Being Frustrated

"I signed up for Rethink Facilitation PLUS because of frustration with endless corporate meetings and lack of direction. Monica did a wonderful job weaving course material with students' individual experiences. She focuses on journey mapping and helps participants uncover their strengths and weakness to better hone their facilitation skills. What I also enjoy is the co-creating experience with others during the course and at the breakout sessions. I highly recommend this class to anyone who desires to create meaningful communications experience and effective meetings."

- Past Participant

Extremely insightful and Engaging (Even Online!)

"Monica is extremely insightful and engaging and models how an excellent facilitator should be, being prepared yet flexible, and enthusiastic and energetic. I learned actionable and helpful concepts that will benefit the way I facilitate. I highly recommend taking Monica's Rethink Facilitation course!"

- Past Participant

Learned How to be a Rockstar

"Honestly, this Masterclass came when I needed it the most! I have been hosting a series of events called #brunchandselfcare, where I facilitate intimate and vulnerable conversations on everyday topics with a lens of self-care practice. This masterclass has been essential for me to learn how to create a great journey for the participants. Through this learning process, I've been receiving glowing feedback from the participants. Monica is such a rockstar in facilitation, so I am thankful to learn from her."

- Past Participant

Even INTRO Saved Me

" The INTRO session really helped me understand facilitation through a framework. Before this, I was aware of everything I was doing and the little pieces here and there, but having this framework to situate all those moving pieces was helpful!"

- Past Participant

Super Insightful

"Super useful for being more thoughtful about online meetings and virtual events."

- Past Participant

Enlightening Framework

"In just one hour, I was so engaged and excited by the idea of a whole new "facilitation" framework that brings more spark, creativity, and engagement to "meetings" that too often feel uninspired, stalled, or repetitive."

- Past Participant